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 All Versions Of Windows XP And Windows Vista

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PostSubject: All Versions Of Windows XP And Windows Vista   Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:36 am

All Versions Of Windows XP And Windows Vista

All Versions Of Windows XP And Windows Vista

98 Second Edition (SE) is an update to Windows 98, released on May 5,
1999. It includes fixes for many minor issues, improved USB support,
and the replacement of Internet Explorer 4.0 with the significantly
faster Internet Explorer 5. Also included is Internet Connection
Sharing, which allows multiple computers on a LAN to share a single
Internet connection through Network Address Translation. Other features
in the update include Microsoft NetMeeting 3.0 and integrated support
for DVD-ROM drives. However, it is not a free upgrade for Windows 98,
but a stand-alone product. This can cause problems if
programs specifically request Windows 98 SE, but the user only owns Windows 98.
New driver standards
98 was the first operating system to use Windows Driver Model (WDM).
This fact was not well published when Windows 98 was released and most
hardware producers continued to develop drivers for the older driver
standard, VxD. This resulted in the misconception that Windows 98 can
use only VxD drivers. The WDM standard spread years after its release,
mostly through Windows 2000 and Windows XP, because these systems are
not compatible with the older VxD standard. Today, even if hardware
producers are not developing drivers optimized for Windows 98, the
drivers written to WDM standards are compatible with Windows 98–based

Download :
Code: rapidshare.com F16MLL

WINDOWS XP Ultimate 2007

SP 2 And All Updates,Patches And Fixes Upto May 2007. Media Player 11.
Yahoo messenger 8.1 . Perfect Disk. WinRAR 3.62 . Internet Explorer 7.
all new upgrade ...............................

Download :
Code: rapidshare.com TAC0M9

Windows XP Indego Reloaded v4.0 (CD Version)

This build of Windows XP has the newest Vista sidebar and gadgets plus Metal Aero blue theme.
tweaked except Theme patch and SFP and IE simultaneous downloads.
RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.1.10 May 13, 2007 and
DriverPack MassStorage included.

Vista RTM Sidebar for Windows XP/2003
Arrow Updated Exclamation May-25-2007
Size: 6.35 MB

Other Required AddOns:
* W-Lan API KB918997 Hotfix AddOn For XP Users who don't use the RyanVM Updatepack (2k3 users need not apply)
* Vista RTM Fonts AddOn (Some gadgets won't work without these Vista Fonts)
* Server 2003 ATL AddOn This addon makes the XP addon compatible with Server 2003
* Internet Explorer 7 AddOn by MrNxDmX
* WMP 11 AddOn and Slipstreamer by booogy and n7Epilson

Other Optional AddOns:
* Gadget Settings Grabber Creates a AddOn of your current Sidebar Gadgets, Layout and Settings
* Windows Sidebar Styler Requires .Net 3.0... I recommend RyanVM's dotNet AIO
* Sidebar Skin Patches for non Windows Sidebar Styler users

May-19-07 Sidebar v7.05.19
- Added Slideshow Fix to Sidebar Directory (vshell32.dll)
- Updated Live Clock and other gadgets (removed a couple)
- Tweaked INF
Apr-8-07 Sidebar v2.4
- Improved INF Uninstall script
- Updated iClock and Live Clock
- Added Negative CPU, BBC Radio and JoeJoe.org Gadgets
- New Seperate ATL.DLL AddOn that makes Sidebar Compatible with server 2k3
- Added hacked wlsrvc.dll to fix problem with the Weather gadget not working for some

Windows XP Updates
RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack 2.1.10 May 13, 2007

Other Updates

Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control
Macrovision SafeDisc Driver Fix 4.00.060
Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update 1.2
Microsoft Qfecheck
Microsoft Update 7.0.6000.374
Microsoft Web Folders 9.60.6715.0 (KB892211)
Microsoft Windows Script 5.6.8831 (Includes KB917344 Hotfix)
MSXML 4.0 SP2 (Includes KB927978 Hotfix)

- Registry Tweaks
DSO Exploit registry fix that Spybot Search & Destroy complains about

Mass drivers added

DriverPack MassStorage
87 drivers in this DriverPack!

Included Hotfix.net service pack 3, as optional file as it has all the
updates needed to be able to use all the sidebar gadgets.

Download :
Code: rapidshare.com X0GQ0D
Microsoft Windows XP 9 In 1

his CD contains 9 versions of Windows XP with Service Pack 2
straight from Microsoft.There is a 'special' version of Windows XP
Media Center 2005, an 'Integrated' ISO which can be created. This
integrated ISO's has both CD's of Media Center in one for easier
installation. The CD contains:
--Windows XP Home OEM with Service Pack 2
--Windows XP Home Retail with Service Pack 2
--Windows XP Home Upgrade with Service Pack 2
--Windows XP Mzedia Center 2005 with Service Pack 2
--Windows XP Pro Corp with Service Pack 2
--Windows XP Pro OEM with Service Pack 2
--Windows XP Pro Retail with Service Pack 2
--Windows XP Pro Upgrade with Service Pack 2

When Extracted It Becomes 4.0 GB.

Download :
Code: rapidshare.com F96PM4

Windows XP Student Edition With SP2 May 2007 Untouched

release was made using NOPe's Disc which doesnt require Any activation
crack. We simply added every single windows update except for the .net
frameworks, WMP11 & IE7 is Integrated, No crack required.This is by
far the best XP Pro disc to date.
When you go to windowsupdate it
will tell you taht you are up to date, if you want the .net frameworks,
choose custom and select them. There is no difference between Corporate
Pro And Student Pro other than the activation not required.

Download :
Code: rapidshare.com OKY6BE

Windows TinyXP Platinum Edition 2

released: June 17, 2007
[Main features at a glance]
- Windows XP Service Pack 2 integrated
- All 133 Windows Updates (Windows is up to date to 12th June 2007)
- All installs pass the "Windows Genuine Advantage" checks
- Choose from four different installs of Windows XP
- Includes 5th boot option: Acronis backup + restore environment
- Added drivers to support CPU, Chipset, LAN, SATA and Wireless LAN
- Windows Post Install menu with most commonly requested programs
- Option to create your own bare ISO from any of the four installs
- Windows Vista Aero Glass theme set by default on all installs
- Windows Vista drive indicator (shows a bar under your drive icon)
- VMware Tools automatically installed if you install in VMware
- All software included is the latest edition as of June 12th 2007
- More than 100 registry tweaks to make using Windows easier
- All installs set monitor resolution to 1024 x 768 x 32 @85Hz
- Services configuration files included to reduce memory use
- eXPerience's ShrinkXP batch files to strip Windows "on the fly"
- This release is kept to a CD sized ISO so anyone can use it
To install TinyXP from this CD, set your PC
in the BIOS to boot from your CD-ROM drive.Only install this operating system onto a freshly formatted partition or hard disk.
All installations are set to US English. (This can be changed after installation)
[When you boot from this CD you have five options]
1 - TinyXP With IE/OE/WMP (With Drivers)
2 - TinyXP With IE/OE/WMP (Without Drivers)
3 - TinyXP Without IE/OE/WMP (With Drivers)
4 - TinyXP Without IE/OE/WMP (Without Drivers)
5 - Boot Into Acronis Backup + Restore
[Abbreviations from above]
IE = Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser
OE = Outlook Express Email Client
WMP = Windows Media Player 11
[Automatically Installed Programs]
- Service Pack 2 For Windows XP
- 133 Hotfixes Up To 12th June 2007
- Flash Player v9.0.28.0
- Opera v9.21 (only installed on options without IE7)
- Prio (Task Manager Priority Saver) v1.9.6
- Royale Noir and Royale Blue Themes
- Thunderbird v2.0.0.0 (only installed on options without OE)
- Vista Aero Glass Theme v4
- Vista Drive Indicator v3.1.1.0
- VMware 5 Tools v5.5.4 Build 44386 (only installed in VMware 5)
[Other added items in system32]
- cdimage.exe (Lets you make ISO's on the command line)
- CDR.exe (Right click of optical drives to close the CD tray)
- lame_enc.dll (Many encoding programs require this for MP3 encoding)
- layout.dll (This gives you the "Save desktop icon layout" option)
- makecab.exe (More up to date version that actually works)
- On-Screen Keyboard (osk.exe)
- pskill.exe (Kill processes on the command line)
- sleep.exe (Make a batch command file wait for a given period of time)
- Video res changer to force 1024 x 768 on install
[Here is a breakdown of the five boot options]
- For Micro$oft fans...
The first two options include Internet Explorer 7 Web Browser, Outlook
Express Email Client and Windows Media Player 11 so Windows XP is up to
date and as Bill Gates intended.

- For people who don't like Micro$oft programs...
The second two options do not include Internet Explorer 7, Outlook Express,
or Windows Media Player 11. In the second two options where IE/OE/WMP are
removed, Opera v9.21 is installed to replace Internet Explorer and Mozilla
Thunderbird v2.0.0.0 is installed to replace Outlook Express.

- Automatic Driver Installation...
Options one and three both include drivers to cover the following: Chipset,
CPU, Ethernet LAN Cards, SATA (Mass Storage) and Wireless Ethernet.

- No Drivers Included...
Options two and four do not contain those drivers - this is in case you
have SATA problems with the first or third options, or if you just want
to install your own drivers.

- Acronis Backup + Restore...
Option five allows you to backup your existing partition(s) before
installing Windows, or you can quickly restore a backup made previously
with Acronis. This version of Acronis True Image Home is safe to use
if you want to back up Windows Vista.
[Windows Post Install Menu]

These programs are installable from the "Install Programs"
icon on your Desktop. You need to have the TinyXP CD
in your CD drive for these items to install:
- DirectX DLL Libraries #24 to #33
- FoxIt PDF Reader Pro v2.0 Build 1312
- Java SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 1 v1.6.0_01
- K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v2.10
- NOD32 Antivirus v2.70.39
- Nero Micro (Express and Burning ROM) v7.9.6.0
- .NET Framework 2.0 v2.0.50727.42
- Office 2003 SP2 Lite v11.6568.6568
- Opera Browser v9.21
- PeerGuardian v2.0 Beta 6b
- Perfectdisk Defrag Server Edition v8.0 Build 64
- Photoshop CS2 v9.0.2
- Sygate Personal Firewall Pro v5.6 Build 3408
- Sound Forge v9.0a Build 297
- Thunderbird v2.0.0.0
- uTorrent v1.6.1 Build 490
- VMware Workstation v5.5.4 Build 44386
- Windows Live Messenger v8.1.0178.0
- WinRAR v3.70

Download :
Code: rapidshare.com YRBL7U

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Corporate SP2 Integrated April 2007

Code: Select allrapidshare.com SJF173

Windows Vista Ultimate Preactivated
(No Serial No. Or Activation Required)

Vista is a line of graphical operating systems used on personal
computers, including home and business desktops, notebook computers,
Tablet PCs, and media centers. Prior to its announcement on July 22,
2005, Windows Vista was known by its codename "Longhorn".
release of Windows Vista comes more than five years after the
introduction of its predecessor, Windows XP, making it the longest time
span between two releases of Microsoft Windows. Windows Vista contains
hundreds of new features; some of the most significant include an
updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed Windows Aero,
improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools such as
Windows DVD Maker, and completely redesigned networking, audio, print,
and display sub-systems. Vista also aims to increase the level of
communication between machines on a home network using peer-to-peer
technology, making it easier to share files and digital media between
computers and devices. For developers, Vista includes version 3.0 of
the .NET Framework, which aims to make it significantly easier for
developers to write high-quality applications than with the traditional
Windows API.Microsoft's primary stated objective with Windows Vista,
however, has been to improve the state of security in the Windows
operating system.
2) One common criticism of Windows XP and its
predecessors has been their commonly exploited security vulnerabilities
and overall susceptibility to malware, viruses and buffer overflows. In
light of this, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates announced in early 2002 a
company-wide 'Trustworthy Computing initiative' which aims to
incorporate security work into every aspect of software development at
the company. Microsoft stated that it prioritized improving the
security of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 above finishing Windows
Vista, thus delaying its completion.
3) Windows Vista has been the
target of a number of negative assessments by various groups. Criticism
of Windows Vista has included protracted development time, more
restrictive licensing terms, the inclusion of a number of new Digital
Rights Management technologies aimed at restricting the copying of
protected digital media, and the usability of other new features such
as User Account Control.

Download :
Code: rapidshare.com 77L9DE
rapidshare.com KWROVZ
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All Versions Of Windows XP And Windows Vista
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